Why Bayleys

What Bayleys Does Differently

>Any agency can tell you what they do, but it is what Bayleys does differently that will benefit you.

 What Bayleys Does Differently 


 The Benefits to You








Cost effective, extensive, innovative marketing




Absolute market coverage of your property at a cost effective price.








Teamwork - There's safety in numbers



Two or more heads are better then one. With 16 salespeople working for you it's a low risk option.








We won't sell prior



Tougher on the agent - no easy sale, but ultimately will bring you a better price through competition.








Written weekly detailed reports



You are kept closely informed all the way – there’s no nasty surprises.








Bring you the maximum number of bidders at Tender close



With one offer –how do you know it’s the best? With multiple offers – you can clearly assess the market and make an informed decision.  Competition drives price.








Focus on Value over Cost



We focus on adding value making Bayleys a premium provider – not a low cost operator.








Follow up



Service after the sale ensures a seamless transition of ownership.  We see you as a long term client.








Experience counts



In a changing market our depth of experience means we have been in those situations before.  More experience means less risk.








Established relationships with buyers



Your property will be presented to buyers by someone they know and trust.











Demonstratable results over the last 12 months significantly greater than our competition.